Steampod 4

Are you tired of having frizzy hair that wont stay straight or keep a curl? Are you exhausted from not being able to get that salon shine from home? L’Oreal experts have found the answer for you. Straighten, wave or curl effortlessly with SteamPod 4, the all-in-one professional styler using patented steam technology.With Steampod, the combination of heat and steam gently and durably style the hair without drying the core so that when you go outside in humid weather, the hair won’t take on any more water so it will keep its straightened state/style for longer. Well, Steampod is a unique hair styling tool that provides superior straightening compared to any conventional plate, for longer, without effort, and with (significantly) less damage. In short, by using steam to straighten hair, the Steampod offers hair protection while styling all kinds of unruly hair.

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