Suffering from

Alopeica, Bald patches, Fine hair, Thinning hair, Cancer related hair loss?

We have the solution for you!

At Foxy Locks Hair Salon our highly trained team are experts in all aspects of hairdressing and hair loss solutions. We will advise you on what best suits your specific requirements and tailor everything to each client individually through our bespoke service. We would be delighted to meet you, chat to you about your individual needs, and talk you through some of our many hair loss solutions that may suit you, while exercising complete discretion.

We work with many types of hair pieces including

All pieces come in a wide range of colours and will be colour matched perfectly to your existing hair colour. We guarantee bespoke and natural looking styling of each piece.

We are HSE registered meaning medical card holders will be entitled to a grant towards their piece of up to €500 in the Tipperary area (different counties have different budgets towards grants). We would be delighted to help you apply for this.


As we offer a bespoke wig fitting service, every piece is picked with the utmost care and styled to each clients preference. We offer wigs for all age groups and all budgets, including 100% human hair, synthetic, hybrid and high heat wigs. Here is a sample of some of our most popular pieces

Our t-partings, new me's, top extensions and hair toppers are for the client with partial hairloss. All pieces are lightweight and totally breathable Our fitting rooms offer complete privacy.

The New Me

This client had serious hair loss to the front. We used a NEW ME to give her back her hairline and confidence. The NEW ME is so amazing. It can be cut to shaped to fit the exact area of hair loss/bald spot.

It stays in place for up to 4-6 weeks, meaning you can wash and style your hair at home between fittings. The client returns to us after 4 to 6 weeks and we will reapply the same piece again.

The T-Parting

This is a revolutionary new alternative to wearing a full wig. Once fitted it stays attached for 4-6 weeks allowing you to wash and style your hair at home with little effort. Come back after 4-6 week to get your piece reapplied.

The Hair Topper

A clip-on-clip-off Human hair piece, perfect for the client with fine hair. You can wear it every day or add instant volume on a night out.


We also have a wide range of products to encourage hair growth by stimulating the follicle once hair growth begins. These products also gently remove impurities and unwanted residues of DHT, sebum, pollutants and styling products.