Highest quality Synthetic Fiber which can not be distinguished visually from natural hair!


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Model wears Lightbernstein rooted

Synthetic Hair care instructions:

Incredibly comfortable and easy to wear. Ready to go – Synthetic wigs are pre-styled and retain their original look and shape after cleaning. Lots of fun vibrant colours available, including gray and white tones. Reasonably priced Low maintenance Warning: synthetic hair does not tolerate heat. Constant friction can also be detrimental to its durability.
Mono – crown: This type of cap features a wonderful natural crown or “crest” area, where each and every hair has been individually weaved. This area varies on all models, depending on the style, it is usually either pointed or elongated. The wig looks particularly natural in areas where the skin is visible, as the hairs appear to flow directly from your own scalp, just like natural growth. The rest of the wig mostly consists of a weft cap in which the hair is sewn into cotton tapes. Wefted caps adapt very well to the shape of the head and allow air to circulate. Lace Front: Lace is attached to the front hairline of the wig. The hair is hand tied to the lace which gives the appearance of a very natural hair line as the hair appears to flow directly from your own scalp. They adapt well to the shape of the head, providing a fantastic fit, while allowing air to circulate around the scalp.llow air to circulate.