HEAT-RESISTANT, Synthetic hair, with memory effect !

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Model wears Champagne rooted

Synthetic Hair care instructions:

High quality and natural looking. Available in many colours inclueding gray tones and high fashin shades. Made of heat-resistant synthetic hair. Memory effect. Hair holds perfect shape and is ready to wear. Temporary reshaping is possible, example curl or straighten. Heat can be used up to 140 Degrees with curler, straighteners, or hair dryer Important: Never rub your high heat resistant fibre hair piece with a towel. You can gentle comb it out and it will return to its original style once it has dried.
Monofilament and Wefted : The whole crown area is monofilament – a fabric mesh that appears invisible against the skin and where the hair is individually hand tied to allow maximum naturalness and movement.  The rest of the wig consists mostly of a weft cap in which the hair is sewn on by a machine. The weft adapts very well to the shape of the head and allows for very good air circulation.