Size: 18cm x 17cm
Length: 18cm – 29cm
Lace front (natural hair line)

HEAT-RESISTANT, Synthetic hair, with memory effect !

Model wears Bernstein rooted

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Synthetic Hair care instructions: https://youtu.be/2mS39YIkIwo

Add extra volume to fine, thinning hair. High quality and natural looking. Available in many colours inclueding gray tones and high fashin shades. Made of heat-resistant synthetic hair. Memory effect. Hair holds perfect shape and is ready to wear. Temporary reshaping is possible, example curl or straighten. Heat can be used up to 140 Degrees with curler, straighteners, or hair drye
Add a hazelnut-sized amount of Ellen Willie synthetic hair shampoo to about one litre of lukewarm water. Shake the heat-resistant model gently before placing it in the water bath with synthetic hair shampoo. Leave the heat-resistant hair piece in the shampoo bath for 10 mins. The synthetic hair shampoo is self-cleaning. Please never rub or wring the hair! Rinse the heat resistant fibre with clear, lukewarm water after about 10 minutes. To maintain the hair structure and keep the heat resistant fibre soft, we recommend a second rinse with Ellen Willie synthetic hair balm. Add a little of the balm to a new, freshwater bath and let it work for another 10 mins. Rinse well and allow it to air dry. Use Ellen Willie synthetic hair conditioner after each wash and daily, to keep hair piece soft and shiny. Spray from 10cm away and leave in. Important: Never rub your high heat resistant fibre hair piece with a towel. You can gentle comb it out and it will return to its original style once it has dried.