Size: 29cm x24cm
Length: 9cm – 14cm
Hand tied  (more natural hair fall)
Lace front (natual hair line)
Classy and exclusive, luxury human hair models are ideal for women who place a great importance upon naturalness.
Model wears:  Champagne rooted
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Directions for Human Hair:

Adds volume to fine or thinning hair . Comes in a wide range of natural tones. Straighten or curl using heat up to 140 degrees. Light and comfortable to wear, with a natural fall and healthy shine. Hair can be cut and styled to match your existing haircut. Warning: Never attempt to colour human hair with highlights!
Place the wig or hairpiece made of human hair on a Styrofoam head. You can fix the hair with a pin. Avoid stabbing the monofilament or the lace front. Before washing, comb the hair with a soft brush with rounded bristles and carefully remove any knots. If there are any human hair styling products left in the hair, the wig shampoo will by itself dissolve them in the following wash. Now moisten the human hair of the wig or hairpiece by holding it under running, lukewarm water in the direction of fall – from the roots to the tips. Please do not place the model in a water bath. Take a hazelnut-sized amount of Ellen Wille Human Hair Shampoo and gently rub it in from the roots to the tips. Please do not apply pressure when massaging in. Rinse Ellen Wille Human Hair Shampoo thoroughly under clear water until no shampoo residue is left. Carry out a second treatment with Ellen Wille Human Hair Balm. Take up an amount of balm about the size of a hazelnut and gently stroke it again from the base towards the tips. Rinse the human hair thoroughly a second time under clear, flowing water. Carefully pat the hair dry with a towel. Please do not rub or wring strongly. Every fourth time you finish your treatment, use the Ellen Wille Human Hair Intensive Recovery Mask instead of the balm. This regenerates the hair and gives it moisture. Let the Recovery Mask take affect for 10 minutes. Then rinse the hair under lukewarm water and gently dab it off. A special wig stand or head is ideal for air drying the human hair model. You can then style the hairpiece or wig as you wish.