Light Mono


Highest quality Synthetic Fiber which can not be distinguished visually from natural hair!


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Model wears Pearl mix

Synthetic Hair care instructions:

Incredibly comfortable and easy to wear. Ready to go – Synthetic wigs are pre-styled and retain their original look and shape after cleaning. Lots of fun vibrant colours available, including gray and white tones. Reasonably priced Low maintenance Warning: synthetic hair does not tolerate heat. Constant friction can also be detrimental to its durability.
Monofilament and Wefted : The whole crown area is monofilament – a fabric mesh that appears invisible against the skin and where the hair is individually hand tied to allow maximum naturalness and movement.  The rest of the wig consists mostly of a weft cap in which the hair is sewn on by a machine. The weft adapts very well to the shape of the head and allows for very good air circulation.