Nordic hair growth formula Kit


The product is designed to stimulate and increase the blood supply and cleans DHT from the skin and hair follicles, so that hair growth and the skin’s moisture balance become optimal again.The slightly too tight skin and the clogged hair follicles will prevent the hair from growing and developing, Nordic Hair Growth will give you the optimal effect and it does not work and if you see no effect, you can get your money back (Guarantee period 5 months)

Our 24 years of experience and cooperation with the best research centers in the world means that today we dare to say that if the product does not work, you get your money back. We have so much experience that we know it works

Important; The product is applied every 2 daysStart with the massage brush for 1 to 2 minutes and then use the Activator in the small bottle and massage it into the scalp on the areas you want to influence.The product (ACTIVATOR) is thoroughly massaged into the scalp in the areas you want to influence, but always start by using the special massage brush that gives an optimal effect on your scalp.

You will quickly notice a change, your skin will initially be very red (increases blood circulation) and you will quickly notice that your scalp feels softer and has a better moisture balance, you must expect the result to be visible only after 4 months and optimal results seen after 5-6 months.

30 days or Refill included

Refill options available online aswell